Seattle Family Law Appeals Attorneys

We Have Success in Appellate Law

In family law, as in other areas of law, you can appeal a court decision if you believe the judge made the wrong decision, a legal mistake affected the outcome of your case or an attorney committed legal malpractice. You may also need to defend a court decision that was decided in your favor. No matter why you choose to appeal, you must select your lawyer carefully.

Many attorneys choose not to practice appellate law. It requires a unique set of research, writing and oral argument skills. However, at Anderson, Fields, Dermody & McIlwain, Inc., P.S., we excel at appellate law. You can rely on our comprehensive knowledge of Washington family law as well as our skill as appellate attorneys. Please call 206-905-4290 or toll-free 866-970-4558 for an appointment with our Seattle family law appeals lawyers.

Cases We Represent on Appeal

We take appeals cases that were originally tried by other attorneys. Sometimes the attorney does not practice appellate law and will refer the case to another attorney. In other situations, the client is unhappy with his/her attorney's performance and chooses our firm for the appeal. We also defend our own successful trial outcomes at the appellate level in all areas of family law, including:

Our attorneys have a record of success with appeals. To schedule an appointment with a Washington divorce appeal lawyer, please call us at 206-905-4290 or toll-free 866-970-4558 or contact us online.