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Parenting Plan Modifications

Changing your final parenting plan or parenting plan decree requires leaping a few hurdles. These are designed to dissuade a party from easily disrupting the lives and routines of the children involved. The process of modifying a parenting plan can be difficult for the non-attorney. The legal bases for modification can overlap with other statutory provisions addressing relocation of a parent, or changing a custodial parent. You should get good legal advice if you want to alter your existing plan.

Spousal Maintenance-Making Sure it gets Paid

Making Sure it gets Paid.  An order to pay maintenance typically requires an obligor spouse to make monthly payments to the other spouse (or domestic partner). Payments are often made directly to the spouse, i.e. by check or money order (one should never pay by cash), or by automatic withdrawal and deposit into a spouse's account. Alternatively, maintenance may be paid, or collected by, the Washington State Support Registry.

Spousal Maintenance-The Basics

Spousal maintenance (or alimony as it is known in other states) is awarded to the economically disadvantaged spouse, during and after dissolution of a marriage or domestic partnership, or a legal separation. Payments are meant to help a spouse with monthly needs like food, housing, clothing, car payments, and insurance.

How is Child Support Calculated?

Children are not cheap. Married or unmarried, parents alike understand this shortly after their child (or children) come into the world. The new parents' world suddenly turns from budgeting for themselves, to themselves plus one-often, followed by another, sometimes another, and so on.

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