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To the Division of Child Support Enforcement in the State of Washington, child support collection is vital to ensuring that kids are being taken care of after a divorce. Unfortunately, child support payments are often a severe burden on the payer, and modifications or enforcement is required. At the divorce and family law offices of Anderson, Fields & McIlwain, Inc., P.S., we work with either the custodial parent or the non-custodial parent involved in child support disputes and payment matters.

Since 1970, our lawyers have helped many clients in correcting, modifying and enforcing child support judgment, and a range of other child related matters. We understand that post-divorce children-related issues can become one of the most contentious issues of any divorce settlement. We know that most parents truly want what is best for the child, but emotions can cloud judgments with remarriage or loss of income. When the state’s child support calculation formula is no longer practical, we can help.

If you are having child support legal concerns, contact the child support attorneys’ offices of Anderson, Fields & McIlwain, Inc., P.S., to discuss ways we can help. We’re here for you.

Child Support Law

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