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Spousal maintenance, formerly called alimony, is one of the most bitterly debated parts of many divorces. Very often, neither spouse feels that the maintenance award is fair. However, with a tough, experienced divorce attorney on your side, you have a better chance of obtaining the award you want.

As one of the premier divorce firms in Seattle, Anderson, Fields, Dermody, & McIlwain, Inc., P.S., has the experience to assist you with maintenance and all aspects of divorce. We understand both sides of a maintenance issue and will represent either the spouse seeking or contesting maintenance. To schedule an appointment with a Washington alimony lawyer, please call us at 206-905-4290 or toll-free 866-970-4558 or contact us online.

Factors Considered for Granting Maintenance

In Washington, marital fault is not considered during divorce and maintenance awards. Instead, maintenance is granted based on a number of factors, including (but not limited to):

  • Standard of living during the marriage
  • Length of the marriage
  • Financial resources of the spouse seeking maintenance, including property received from within the divorce (or from a prior divorce) and whether child support includes finances for the spouse as custodian
  • Age, physical and emotional condition and financial obligation(s) of spouse seeking maintenance
  • Ability of the spouse who would pay maintenance to meet his /her own needs and financial obligations
  • Whether one spouse supported the education or training of the other
  • Time needed to acquire education/training for spouse seeking maintenance to be capable of self-support

The amount and duration of maintenance varies with each case. Lifetime maintenance may be awarded when a marriage lasted 20 years or more or if the couple is at or nearing retirement age.

Modification of maintenance awards are possible if one party’s financial situation changes. If the party receiving maintenance remarries or is financially supported by a lover, maintenance will be terminated.

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