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Providing Mediation and Arbitration Services

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is often an effective means of reaching an agreement in family law cases. ADR can be accomplished through mediation or arbitration. Mediation is mandated in every contested divorce case in King and Snohomish Counties.

At Anderson, Fields & McIlwain, Inc., P.S., we provide mediation and arbitration services. Attorney H. Michael Finesilver (f/k/a Fields) is an experienced mediator and arbitrator. He can assist your family with divorce, custody or other family law matters. To schedule an appointment with our Seattle divorce mediation attorneys, please call 206-905-4290 or toll-free 866-970-4558 or contact us online. We can also help you decide whether a collaborative law approach is suited to your situation.

Alternatives to Litigation

In arbitration, each party tells his or her side of the story and agrees to let an arbitrator decide the outcome of their dispute. The parties are bound by the arbitrator’s decision. Mediation is a different process. Under the supervision of a trained mediator, the two parties and their lawyers discuss options for the resolution of their divorce or other family law issue. Is non-binding, but such a resolution often becomes the final result, since both parties participate and an agreement is reached.

These methods of ADR employ trained professionals to facilitate discussion and decision making between the parties. Families that use ADR are often able to reach creative solutions to divorce and child custody issues without the need for a trial, and the solution may include features that could not be achieved in a trial.

When a family can communicate without fighting, they can make better decisions. During our careers, we have learned that when clients are willing to discuss the best solutions for their families, rather than argue, they are often able to save time and avoid expensive litigation.

Avoiding litigation is usually best for families because it saves time and money, and because it is not an adversarial process. However, we also know that not all problems can be solved simply by talking through them. There are circumstances in which trial is the only option. In these cases, you can rely on our skill as litigators and our willingness to fight for you.

Good planning is essential if you choose mediation or arbitration. Make sure your rights are protected and you have the information you need. Please call 206-905-4290 or toll-free 866-970-4558 for an appointment with a Washington arbitration attorney.