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Refund Policy

Advance Fee Deposit. Our client agrees to pay an advance fee deposit agreed upon prior to acceptance of case into a trust account, less the charges immediately incurred, which will be deposited into the general office account of ANDERSON, FIELDS & MCILWAIN, INC., P.S. The monies in trust shall be drawn upon for services incurred. The charges are deemed “incurred” if within a week of billing client does not question the accuracy of the month’s billing. Any monies held in trust will be refunded, if not utilized once the termination of our services becomes legally effective (see Paragraph 10 below).

Furthermore, during the pendency of a Client’s action, if the balance of monies from the original retainer falls below the original amount, Client shall pay an additional advance fee to secure Attorney’s availability.

Termination. Both the Client and/or the firm of ANDERSON, FIELDS & MCILWAIN, INC., P.S. shall have the right to terminate this Agreement to Employ Attorney at any time with reasonable notice. Upon termination of this Agreement to Employ Attorney, the Client shall pay in full all charges and costs previously incurred and any balance owing the Client from the deposits described above shall be refunded by the firm after the final billing period.