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Seattle Stepparent Adoption Lawyers

Representing Stepparents and Grandparents

Stepparent adoptions have become extremely common in the U.S. However, because the parental rights of the other biological parent must first be terminated, the process can be challenging. To make sure the adoption proceeds smoothly, you want to work with a knowledgeable family law attorney.

The experienced lawyers at Anderson, Fields & McIlwain, Inc., P.S., have represented hundreds of clients in stepparent adoptions. In addition, we represent grandparents who seek custody of or wish to adopt their grandchildren. Our law firm has the extensive knowledge and skill you need for these types of adoptions. To make an appointment, please call our Seattle stepparent adoption attorneys at 206-905-4290 or toll-free 866-970-4558 or contact us online.

When Can a Stepparent or Grandparent Adopt?

Stepparent adoptions sometimes occur when parents are divorced or estranged and one parent decides to remarry. When a stepparent wishes to establish legal rights to a child, the estranged biological parent’s rights must be terminated. We can draft a voluntary relinquishment of parental rights for him or her to sign. If the biological parent will not sign the voluntary agreement, we can file a suit for termination of his or her parental rights.

The court must agree that the termination of the biological parent’s rights and granting the stepparent’s request for adoption are in the best interest of the child before the adoption can move forward.

If they can prove it is in the best interest of the child, grandparents can adopt a grandchild. The court may grant a grandparent adoption in situations such as:

  • Concern for the child’s welfare
  • A parent unfit due to substance or child abuse
  • A parent in jail, deceased or otherwise unavailable

We represent grandparents and stepparents who wish to adopt a child. Grandparent adoptions can be difficult cases; talk to us to determine your rights today. Please call 206-905-4290 or toll-free 866-970-4558 for an appointment with a Washington grandparent adoption attorney.