In Family Law, We Have Done It All

Notable Cases

The attorneys of Anderson, Fields & McIlwain, Inc., P.S., have considerable experience dealing with intellectual property issues, particularly copyrights and federal preemption of state copyright law. They have dealt with cases involving same-sex property division, custody and visitation issues, transgendering as it relates to custody and visitation, and the treatment of contingent fee and expense credit for divorcing lawyers who specialize in contingent fee case work.

Several of our most notable cases include:

  • In re Parentage of LB (provided an Amicus Brief for the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers in a case that established the notion of de facto parents in same-sex custody cases)
  • In re Marriage of Washburn (represented one of the parties in a state supreme court case on valuation of a professional college degree)
  • In re marriage of Sedlock (resolved issues of separate vs. community goodwill in professional practice, as well as characterization of warrants and stock options)
  • In re marriage of Franzel
  • In re marriage of Arvey Wood
  • In re marriage of Kim