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Temporary Support

On a spousal support basis, a homemaker is not required to seek employment, pawn jewelry, or exhaust credit before they are entitled to spousal support as long as need is shown. Further, an unemployed individual need not pauperize themselves by selling assets to make a cash outlay for litigation, nor are they put to the election of spending their money for living expenses or the preparation of their case. It is not so, however, if an individual has ample funds for both.

When Is A Professional Education Valued?

In order to have value, a professional degree must have been procured. It is more than a simple Bachelor of Arts or Science degree. For ease of identification, let's say it is a doctor, lawyer or a Master's Degree. The question then becomes: has the community received fair compensation? It has been held by our Court that the Court must treat the education as an asset and place a value thereon. The value must consist of the cost of the education and the increased income potential. In re The Marriage of Washburn, 101 Wn. 2d 168, 677 P.2d 152 (1984).

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